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20 October
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  My name is Elf, an ordinary girl with ordinary boring life. My friends call me as a subbaholic, which I'm not deny it. Subbing is addictive indeed!
I decided to lock my lj as Friends Only, but please do not randomly add me if you looking for subbed video. There is no subbed video I share here.
My LJ is usually about rambling/ranting about my personal life, sometimes movie/series, and mostly about Jin (Sho includes lately~).
Something that can make me laugh and enjoyable. I like watching movies or TV series. Currently I'm addict with Merlin TV Series because of their "Bromance". I love Supernatural too. Sammy & Dean are the best ghostbuster ever :p
I read novels sometimes. Dan Brown is one of my favorite writer. So far I like The Lost Symbol, even I think Angel and Demons was really boring...
But what I love the most is crawling inside my bedcover :D
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